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All issues for 2022

First steps with lorikeets: The Rainbow Lorikeet
Achim Lutz
page 538
Breeding Nanday Parakeets in the WORLD OF BIRDS – South Africa
Alena Winner & Hendrik Louw
page 546
Breeding activity begins
Rafael Zamora Padrón
page 556
How to distinguish the Great Green Macaw from the Military Macaw
Lars Lepperhoff
page 560
How to sprout grains correctly
Petra Pelikánová
page 562
Research reveals dwarf Hyacinth Macaws in Brazil‘s Pantanal
Dr. David Waugh
page 566
Mountain Parakeets
By Achim Lutz
page 488
Breeding and hand-rearing Salmon-crested Cockatoos
By Alena Winner & Igor Stojanov
page 495
The water for our parrots
By Rafael Zamora Padrón
page 508
Parrots in the frost
By MVDr. Helena Vaidlova
page 512
Feeding chilli peppers at the Del Istmo Conservation Center
By Alena Winner & Jacobo Lacs
page 516
A light in the gloom: Flame-winged Parakeets doing well in Chingaza
By Dr. David Waugh
page 522
OCEANIA – a new exhibition in Loro Parque
By Alena Winner & Márcia Weinzettl
page 438
By Achim Lutz
page 446
By Alena Winner
page 456
Good management to avoid hand-rearing
By Rosemary Low
page 464
Tumors in parrots
By MVDr. Helena Vaidlova
page 470
A closer look at the Red-faced Parrot
By Dr. David Waugh
page 474
Interesting nestbox for Red-headed Lovebirds
By Henk de Jonge, In Memoriam
page 402
SWIFT PARROT – experience with breeding in a colony and pairs
By George Karhan
page 406
Beginning of the resting period for parrots
By Rafael Zamora Padrón
page 414
Herbs suitable during the parrot weaning period
By Ing. Jana Jirouskova Kamberska
page 416
Why is it important to have a post-mortem examination performed on a dead parrot?
By MVDr. Helena Vaidlova
page 422
The overlooked function of parrots in the dispersal of seeds
By Dr. David Waugh & Rafael Zamora Padrón
page 426
Red-flanked Lorikeets – wonderful little goblins
By Achim Lutz
page 390
How can we improve breeding results in Golden-shouldered Parrots
By Morten Bruun Rasmussen
page 342
Blue-and-Yellow Macaws – an interesting story
By Mira Preiss
page 351
Colony breeding of Sun Conures
By Zdenek Vandelik
page 358
Social behaviour in summer – LPF
By Rafael Zamora Padrón
page 364
My dream come true KOKOLO BIRD PARK
By Ivica Jurilj
page 366
Hormonal imbalance in parrots
By MVDr. Helena Vaidlova
page 374
Domestic trafficking networks enmesh the threatened Grey-cheeked Parakeet
By Dr. David Waugh
page 380
Decades in the making "The Return of the Spx’s Macaw to the Skies of the Caatinga"
By Simon Degenhard
page 294
Breeding LILACINE Amazons on Réunion Island
By Petra Pelikánová & Sebastien Borg
page 304
Plumage maintenance in Parrots – Loro Parque Fundación
Rafael Zamora Padrón
page 312
The breeding of Orange -fronted Parakeets (Eupsittula canicularis eburnirostrum)
By Vojtěch Trhoň
page 314
Beneficial BERRIES
By Rosemary Low
page 322
Causes of dry skin in parrots risks and possible solutions
By MVDr. Helena Vaidlova
page 326
Artificial nests and habitat restoration help endangered Carnaby‘s Cockatoos
By Dr. David Waugh
page 332
Anak Burung Tropikana Marcel Kohout on his bird farm in Bali
Alena Winner & Marcel Kohout
page 254
Successful breeding of Red-fan Parrots,
Anil Garg
page 262
Strenghening our parrots in Loro Parque Fundación
Rafael Zamora Padrón
page 266
Grey-headed Lovebird
Dirk van den Abeele
page 268
Red-breasted Parakeet – successful breeding of a blue mutation
Antonin Zeleny
page 274
Fats in parrot nutrition
MVDr. Helena Vaidlova
page 280
New protected area for the critically endangered Lilacine Amazon
Dr. David Waugh
page 284
GÜNTER BALLON on Amazon Parrots and their fascinating colours
By Alena Winner & Günter Ballon
page 204
The first leaps out of the nest at the Loro Parque Fundación
By Rafael Zamora Padrón
page 212
Orange-chinned Parakeets at the Del Istmo Conservation Center
By Alena Winner & Jacobo Lacs
page 214
Thermal comfort for parrots
By MVDr. Veronika Trhonova & Ing. Vojtech Trhon
page 226
Why teflon is harmful FYNBOS for parrots
By MVDr. Helena Vaidlova
page 232
Ostheosyntesis in Red-fronted Macaw
By MVC. Pavol Kováčik & MVC. Klaudia Mičeková
page 236
Fires and poisoning in the Pantanal: Hyacinth Macaws slow to recover
By Dr. David Waugh
page 242
ROSEMARY LOW First lady of aviculture and parrot conservation
page 156
Sun Conures: a challenge to save the species
Rosemary Low
page 162
Vernal Hanging-Parrot
Dr. Slobodan Ivič
page 168
The time of incubation and hatchings
Rafael Zamora Padrón
page 172
9 questions for Helmut Sedlmeier on feeding Galahs
page 176
Easy way of feeding Lories & Lorikeets
Jordan Lewis
page 180
Breeding facility from PUR PANELS
Antonin Zeleny & son
page 182
Breathing problems in parrots
MVDr. Viktor Tukac
page 188
Big game permitting, the Black-cheeked Lovebird conservation project continues
Dr. David Waugh
page 192
Breeder’s profile RUSLAN BRYZHAK: My breeding stock and parrot breeding in Ukraine
By Marta Bryzhak, Alena Winner & Ruslan Bryzhak
page 108
Care at the start of the breeding season LORO PARQUE FUNDACIÓN
By Rafael Zamora Padrón
page 112
By Tomas Zabystrzan
page 116
My breeding of the Damarland Meyer’s Parrots
By Rinus van den Broek
page 124
JORDAN LEWIS: my passion for breeding lories & lorikeets & their mutations
By Alena Winner & Jordan Lewis
page 130
Questionnaire – is it possible to prevent self-mutilation?
By Damian Dunemann, Klaus Sietas & Garry Stack
page 141
Innovation and tool use of wild and captive Goffin’s Cockatoos
By Dr. David Waugh
page 144
Experience with hand-feeding the Orange-winged Amazon
Petra Pelikanova
page 52
Poicephalus meyeri subspecies
Rinus van den Broek
page 60
Our passion for breeding the Pyrrhura genus Parakeets
Sigrid and Gerhard Schmidt
page 72
Avoiding infertile eggs
Rafael Zamora Padrón
page 78
Nutrition is instrumental in achieving shiny plumage
MVDr. Helena Vaidlova
page 80
Coconuts for parrots
Alena Winner & Jaco Lacs
page 86
Goffin´s Cockatoos in Tanimbar: between field and forest
Dr. David Waugh
page 98
Experience with the breeding of Black- winged Lories in Bali and Czechia
Marcel Kohout
page 4
Successful breeding of Blue-headed Macaws in Košice Zoo
Milena Vankova, Alena Cicmancova
page 12
Pairing & pre-breeding in Loro Parque Fundación
Rafael Zamora Padrón
page 18
Splayed legs
MVDr. Helena Vaidlova
page 20
Back to basics in genus Agapornis, Part 3. – PASTEL
Dirk Van den Abeele
page 26
Scarlet Macaws in Costa Rica
MVDr. Veronika Trhoňová, Ph.D., Vojtech Trhon
page 32
Conserving the El Oro Parakeet and other psittacines in southern Ecuador Macaws in Costa Rica
Dr. David Waugh
page 40