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All issues for 2023

Who is Jürgen Vogel
by AwiParrots
Bird breeders advertise
by AwiParrots
Jürgen Vogel: my experience with the breeding of Red-Rumped Parrots
by Alena Winner
A Photo Gallery: Red-rumped Parrots / mutation combinations
by Jürgen Vogel
Austral Parakeets – an unexpected breeding success
By Antonin Zeleny
page 458
How to strengthen immunity in parrots
By MVDr. Helena Vaidlova
page 468
The importance of preparation before the end of the year
By Rafael Zamora Padrón
page 464
Eye removal in a Military Macaw
By MVDr. Pavol Kovacik
page 474
Constant renovation of habitats and nesting places for Carnaby’s Cockatoos
By Dr. David Waugh
page 476
Bird breeders advertise
By AwiParrots
page 484
Cape Parrots in captivity
page 430
A succesful breeding of Red-billed Parrots
page 434
The breeding experience with Swift Parrots
page 436
Povl’s parrot breeding tips
page 438
Dansk Fuglehold – a Danish national bird magazine
page 447
Who is Povl Jorgensen
page 412
Aviaries for my parrots
page 414
My way of feeding parrots
page 416
Greater Vasa Parrot and Lesser Vasa Parrot
page 420
Courtship and breeding with southern hemisphere parrots
By Rafael Zamora Padrón
page 376
The Blue-streaked Lory
By Jiri Sustr
page 380
Psittacus advisory centre
By Petra Pelikanova
page 386
The successful rearing of Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo
By MVDr. Pavol Kovacik
page 388
First tracking study of the endangered Thick-billed Parrot
By Dr. David Waugh
page 396
Hand-fed or parent-reared cockatoos for the breeding stock?
page 338
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo
page 342
Rainbow Lorikeet in the Lutino mutation
page 348
BLUE Moustached Parakeets
page 354
Galahs – a blue mutation
page 360
Rose hips for parrots
page 364
Successfully reared Keas in the Czech Republic – INTERVIEW with Jindrich Veselsky – part 1.
By Alena Winner and Jindrich Veselsky
page 296
More on the breeding of Keas and successes with Galahs – The "Veselsky method" works
By Alena Winner and Jindrich Veselsky
page 304
Experience with Scarlet Macaws
By Milena Vankova and Yveta Svobodova
page 314
Rimatara Lorikeets thrive on the Pacific island of Ātiu
By Dr. Davie Waugh
page 320
Cuban Parrots distribution
By AwiParrots
page 242
Distinguishing features of subspecies
By AwiParrots
page 243
Cayman Islands’ Parrots
By Rosemary Low
page 244
Conservation of Cuban psittacids in the mountains and on the coast
Dr. David Waugh
page 250
Management of holes for nesting in the wild
By Maikel Cañizares Morera
page 258
The breeding of Cuban Parrots in South Africa
By Antonie Meiring
page 267
Fish for Cuban Parrot
By Ivica Jurijl
page 269
How I breed "Cubans" in Serbia
By Igor Stojanov
page 270
BIRDTV and Cuban Parrot mutations at Del Istmo
By Alena Winner & Andrey Naves
page 272
The artificial incubation of Cuban Parrots
By Lumir Hornansky
page 277
Most common health problems in Cuban Parrots
By MVDr. Helena Vaidlova
page 278
Iriska – a saved Cuban Parrot as our pet
By Vera Wolfram
page 282
A breeding facility the "BIRDS MY–AVIARIES": Steven Desmedt shares his experience with the breeding of Hyacinth Macaws
By Alena Winner and Steven Desmedt
page 190
The breeding of Derbyan Parakeets in the Ostrava Zoo
By Milena Vankova, Ing. Yveta Svobodová
page 200
Homemade GRIT for parrots – recipe
By Jiri Mrcek
page 207
Golden Conures at Loro Parque
By Rafael Zamora Padrón
page 208
Heat, unexpected births and synchronisation of breeding stock at the Loro Parque Fundación
By Rafael Zamora Padrón
page 210
Crimson-bellied Parakeet
By Petr Blažek
page 212
TEN questions on longevity – answered by Rosemary Low
By Rosemary Low
page 218
Moulting period
By MVDr. Helena Vaidlová
page 224
Friend and foe: parrot-palm interactions
By Dr. David Waugh
page 228
Who is the organizer of the traditional parrot conventions in Tenerife?
page 134
A long history of parrot conventions in Tenerife
page 140
Registration, opening of the Convention and accompanying program 2022
page 142
Look inside the X. International Parrot Convention lectures
page 152
The hidden meaning of coffee breaks
page 165
RAFAEL ZAMORA PADRÓN Scientific director with never-ending passion for birds and their conservation
page 168
Who is the author of the convention poster?
page 175
How to register to the XI. International Parrot Convention 2026?
page 176
Blue-crowned Lorikeets
Gerhard Hinz
page 84
Assistance to breeding pairs at Loro Parque Fundación
Rafael Zamora Padrón
page 92
Breeding Grey Parrots in the North-western Greece
Kostas Tzimourtas
page 94
Port Lincoln Parakeet in our aviaries for 160 years
Achim Lutz
page 100
Endoparasites – interesting background knowledge and their detection in a faecal sample
Achim Lutz
page 106
Splayed legs in parrot chicks – why this happens and how to deal with it
MVDr. Helena Vaidlova
page 114
Listening for Great Green Macaws and cows
Dr. David Waugh
page 120
Chiriquí Conures – enchanting personalities – special issue / 30 pages
Achim Lutz
page 54
Conservation breeding of Pfrimer’s Pyrrhura in France
By David Monroger
page 6
Encouraging natural behaviours in parrots
By Rafael Zamora Padrón
page 16
Black-cheeked Lovebird mutations
By Martin Rasek
page 18
Suspected thyroid problems in an amazon parrot
By Rosemary Low
page 24
The importance of probiotics in parrot nutrition
By MVDr. Veronika Trhonova, Ph.D.
page 30
Fitobiol – the aid to successful breeding
By Vladimir Dolezal
page 34
First captive breeding of the Philippine Cockatoo in Palawan
By Dr. David Waugh
page 38