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All issues for 2024

Who is Anton Vaidl
page 116
Breeding and management of rare parrots at the Prague Zoo
Anton Vaidl
page 118
Fig Parrots
page 124
Hanging Parrots
page 126
Rakos’ House
page 127
Pesquet’s Parrot
page 128
Palm Cockatoo
page 130
Yellow-billed Amazon
page 132
Black-billed Amazon
page 136
Hyacinth Macaw
page 137
Caatinga exhibit
page 139
"Lories Trail"
page 119
"Pantanal" exhibit
page 137
Lear’s Macaw
page 139
South American Parrots
page 141
"Foothills of the Southern Andes" exhibit
page 142
Aviary in the Australian section
page 144
page 144
Green-winged Macaw egg smuggling on an industrial scale
By Rosemary Low
page 78
Plumage in the breeding season
By Rafael Zamora Padrón
page 84
CALCIUM in parrot nutrition – When it may do harm and when it may help in the hatching of parrot chicks
By MVDr. Pavol Kovacik
page 86
How to feed Blue-throated Macaws
By MVDr. Pavol Kovacik
page 92
Mixed fortunes for native psittacines in southern Haiti
By Dr. David Waugh
page 98
Choosing the name for your pet parrot: Tips, inspiration, and ideas
By Awiparrots
page 106
Who is Pascal Stalder
page 44
Military Macaws in the Mexican wilderness and in captivity
page 46
Systematics and taxonomy
page 46
Distribution in details
page 49
page 50
Diet in the wild
page 51
The canyon of Military Macaws in Mexico
page 52
Military Macaws on Mexican village squares
page 55
page 56
Conservation projects
page 57
International trade
page 57
Population in captivity
page 58
EAZA Ex-situ Programme (ESB)
page 58
Husbandry at Dave Wezeman in the Netherlands
page 60
page 60
page 61
page 62
page 64
Hand rearing
page 65
page 66
Further breeding management
page 68
page 68
page 69
Bird breeders advertise
page 70
Blue-crowned Hanging-Parrot
By Milena Vankova and Yveta Svobodova
page 6
Early season fertile eggs
By Rafael Zamora Padrón
page 14
My breeding of AMAZON PARROTS
By Pavel Retych
page 16
Johan de Vries: Birds as a passion
By Radka Hrevusova and Johan de Vries
page 24
The resilient St. Vincent Amazon
By Dr. David Waugh/LPF
page 32